New dimension to protect the people

BARISAN Nasional (BN) and a spirit known as champion are a combination which cannot be denied by anyone, History has proven this since the party, previously known as Parti Perikatan was elected to form the government when the country achieved its independence in 1957.
In terms of the country’s development and progress, BN champions .it through sacrifice and cooperation of UMNO, MCA, MIC as well as other component parties.
In efforts to enhance the standard of living of the people of various races, BN, through the component parties, has for long, been the champion. This statement is not to overly praise the BN, but to state that the spirit of a champion has been the basis of BN struggle, but then, the spirit is getting dimmer.
This happens, perhaps, because BN feels that the people will always remember its deeds and sacrifices without having to be close to the people.
What the BN forgets is that the people actually no longer hope for materialistic development only, especially when majority of them especially the young generation grow up in a comfortable environment.
Instead, the aspect of champion hoped by the people has now entered a new dimension which is emphasis towards aspect of transparency and integrity. Most important how far can the government understand the true problem in the daily life of the grassroots peoples.
Among the people too, they are not able to see the contribution made by UMNO or the component parties in the BN instead regard it as being implimanted by government officers in certain districts.
Undeniably, the district officers represent the government which is the BN but, these government officers do not contest in general elections. Those who contest are BN candidates. Unfortunately, there are not seen except during elections only.
Therefore, how BN can afford to become a champion in the eyes and hearts of the people? Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is among leaders who realise the new dimension of a champion when he takes over the helm of the countries administration.
He went down to the ground and met the people in Petaling Street, Pantai Dalam and Brickfields apart from surveying the public transport system by taking the light rail transit ( LRT ) and visit the Puduraya bus station.
His concern does not end there. The struggle to become a champion among the people is enliven in the basis of BN struggle. Who can forget the roar of champion by Najib when speaking at the winding up of the UMNO general assembly 2009 at the Putra World Trade Centre recently.
What was mentioned by Najib is not retorhetoric or empty words to solely fish for the people’s attention.
Instead, it conveys a clear message to UMNO’s members to become champions of the people. A similar message was passed to other BN party component that no one escapes BN’s attention.
This Saturday, BN’s seriousness to place itself as a champion in the people’s hearts will be realised when Najib opens the People’s Champion Programme at Bukit Sentosa, Bukit Beruntung, Selangor.
Elaborating on the programme UMNO Information Chief Datuk Ahmad Maslan said it served as a platform for BN leaders to go down to the ground and meet the people.
In other words, this programme aims to place UMNO and other BN components parties in the front line in facing the people’s problems.
He likened it to the to KBSMM (feast, delivery, illness, disaster and death) which should be given attention to the course that are very close to the people.
Soon, after the People’s Champion Programme is launched on Jan 9, all the 191 UMNO divisions will carry out the programme on a smaller scale for at least two days, to be filled with various programme according to the theme.
“To ensure all the people benefit from the programme, it will be carried out on rotation according to ballot box zones. It is also to ensure no leakage in voicing their problems directly to the BN leaders, “ he said.
If seen from the BN’s seriuosness to become a champion among the people through this programme, it is not too much to say that it can change the views of some people whom are prejudice with BN’s struggle in protectibg the people.

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